7th Global Conference on Business Management and Social Sciences (GCBMS)

Global Conference on Business Management and Social Sciences GCBMS-2020

The 7th “Global Conference on Business Management and Social Sciences (GCBMS-2020)” was scheduled on 8th and 9th August 2020 via ONLINE. 7th GCBMS-2020 provides a platform to meet professionals from across the globe, previous conferences in Germany, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, USA, Canada and Turkey were overwhelming success, attracting delegates, speakers and sponsors from more than 40+ countries and provided tremendous intellectual and social interaction for the participants. This year’s the conference theme “Leadership & Entrepreneurship; post-COVID-19 challenges, opportunities, and advancements with special reference to Business Management and Social Sciences” was selected considering the global challenge and opportunities. As 2020 faced serious unemployment coupled with the rise in poverty rate, leadership and entrepreneurship can be a suitable solution for the new normal. Hence, this required researchers to dig into the matter and they explored how leadership and entrepreneurship can play an important part to revive the world economy again. This requires a thorough understanding of modern business and social science. Exploring this theme requires a transdisciplinary approach to research, hence, 7th GCBMS-2020 was an effort to bring together a blend of multidisciplinary scholars, filled with an ambition to transform ideas into reality; academia and industry will be together to exchange futuristic research direction and stipulation.

Key Note Speakers

Bige Kahraman

Richard Pettinger

Bige Kahraman Alper is an Associate Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School and a Fellow of Kellogg College at the University of Oxford. She holds a PhD in Economics from Yale University with specializations in financial economics and econometrics. She is a Research Affiliate in the Financial Economics programmer of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and an Economic Adviser to Financial Conduct Authority. Bige’s research focuses on analyzing the sources of market frictions giving rise to market inefficiency and systematic liquidity crises. Her recent studies quantify the importance of various frictions – for instance, arising from capital constraints, organizational structures in asset management intermediaries and asymmetric information – and examine the role of financial innovation that can help markets overcome these frictions. Her papers appear in top academic journals such as Journal of Finance and Review of Financial Studies

Richard Pettinger is Professor of Management at University College London (UCL). He has worked at UCL for over 30 years. His areas of expertise are project management, leadership and organizational behavior. He is presently developing a project syllabus on the relationships between society, technology, behavior business and social infrastructure. To date Richard has published over 50 books and numerous articles on all aspects of management and leadership. He has been keynote speaker in many eye catching institution. He continues to work in different parts of the world, including UK, Cyprus, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Germany and Romania. He has served at various leadership positions and is associated as member and with various world renowned organizations such as UCL.