Global Conference on Leadership and Business Management (GCLBM-2016)

Held: Global Conference on Leadership and Business Management (GCLBM-2016) , Singapore

“Global Conference on Leadership and Business Management (GCLBM-2016)” is scheduled on 1st – 2nd Nov, 2016 in Singapore is an effort to bring together a Leadership and Business Management, Finance and Economics Studies, with special track to Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies involving Health and Medicine Studies, Engineering & Technology Studies, Social Science & Humanities, Physical Life and Applied Sciences, Regional and Religious Studies. With an ambition to transform ideas into reality, academia and industry will be together to exchange futuristic research direction and stipulation. The conference will provide networking opportunity to interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. Also, participants from different countries will create professional environment under one roof. Experts from their related fields having international recognition will assist you in your research work. Through networking and discussion in this meeting, academic experts and industry professionals can move ahead in applied research in addition to academic research.