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The Academy of Management Conferences (ABMC) is the distinguished research wing of the Talent Nurturers Educational Institute (TNEI), dedicated to advancing knowledge in the fields of business, social sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability. Since its establishment in 2006, ABMC has led in organizing conferences that ignite intellectual discourse and promote scholarly growth. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, ABMC provides a unique platform for both established and emerging scholars to showcase their research endeavors. What sets ABMC apart is its strong collaboration with prestigious journals indexed in Scopus-Elsevier and SCI-Clarivate Analytics. ABMC serves as a hub for connecting industry, consulting, and academia, as seen in its numerous past events where participants from leading universities, thriving industries, and researchers gathered to exchange ideas, foster consulting opportunities, and seek guidance to elevate their research to masterclass levels. This often culminates in publication in reputable PRJs or indexed conference proceedings. This invaluable partnership ensures that the contributions shared at ABMC resonate on a global scale, further affirming its standing as a premier forum for disseminating impactful research. Moreover, ABMC has expanded its scope to encompass academic, economic, environmental, and social domains, reinforcing its position as a leader in advancing knowledge across various disciplines.


Our mission at ABMC is to ignite intellectual discourse, promote scholarly growth, and connect academia, industry, and consulting. Through organizing prestigious conferences, facilitating research publication, and offering comprehensive services, we empower scholars and foster global collaboration in business, social sciences, AI, and sustainability.

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  • Research Workshops: Enhance the faculty & Students research outlook to gain valuable insights on writing for Scopus and SSCI Journals through our specialized research workshops termed as A to Z of Research.
  • Expert Organizers: With a wealth of experience, we have successfully organized 25 international conferences, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional outcomes.
  • Global Diversity: Join a diverse community of participants spanning 5 continents and 30+ countries, fostering rich cross-cultural interactions and knowledge exchange.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and experts across academic, economic, environmental, and social domains, expanding your network and forging meaningful collaborations.

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Core Value

ABMC provides a wide range of services focused on research, training, and consultancy. We are dedicated to organizing international research conferences and workshops, facilitating the publication and maintenance of research journals, and offering comprehensive training and consultancy services.

Our core value lies in the belief that for our services to be effective and applicable in real-world settings, they must address the four key elements of KASH: Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, and Habits. Our development designs are carefully crafted to encompass these elements, ensuring a well-rounded and transferable learning experience.

We understand the importance of catering to diverse learning and communication styles. Therefore, we customize our resources and delivery methods to meet the needs of various learning preferences, including activists, pragmatists, reflectors, theorists, as well as visual and auditory learners.

With a commitment to research excellence and practical application, our organization strives to contribute to the growth and success of individuals, organizations, and the wider research community. Through our services, we aim to foster knowledge creation, dissemination, and application, ultimately making a positive impact in the research landscape.


Comprehensive Solutions:

Our organization offers a comprehensive range of services, providing a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Whether it’s finance, marketing, computer systems, HR, or operations, our specialist functional groups are equipped to provide expert advice across various domains.

Extensive Expertise:

We understand that each business problem is unique, requiring a tailored approach. Drawing on our vast experience and specialized industry sector groups, we provide superior advice that aligns with the specific business perspective of your challenges.

Top Talent:

We pride ourselves on attracting the best professionals in each specialization. Our dedicated teams comprise multi-functional and multi-skilled experts carefully selected from our talent pool, ensuring optimal solutions for every business problem you encounter.

All Inclusive  

As a development company we set out from the beginning to offer an all-inclusive service that valued each client organization for their unique characteristics and help to progress utilizing a range of techniques. Therefore we offer a real ‘One Stop Shop’ for your development needs.

Our Core ideals